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SpineGym lets you perform efficient exercise routines in your living room, strengthening your back and improving your core muscles

Did you know that 95% of all lower back pain can be prevented with the correct exercise for the abdominal and back muscles?

While that may seem like a simple solution to a common problem, in reality it’s not that easy. Routines such as yoga or planking require a lot of floor space and time: two things we often have little of to spare.

It was this problem that led Fredrik Serlachius and Timo Heino to develop SpineGym, a vertical workout tool that improves posture and strengthens your core muscles. Internationally patented, SpineGym trains your muscles from a standing position – the most efficient way to improve them, according to physiotherapists.

“People do a lot of planking or similar kinds of floor exercises, but if you train your core-muscles to react in those positions, then once you are standing up and lift something, you might hurt your back as the core-muscles don’t react quickly enough,” explains head developer Timo Heino. “If you train them standing up, the reaction time of the core muscles is much quicker.”

SpineGym comes highly recommended by physiotherapists, and not just because of its effectiveness. “Physiotherapists were finding that many people in the past were too lazy to follow their rehabilitation programmes,” says Timo. “But with SpineGym this is not the case, as it’s so easy to set it up and get going.”

Many people use SpineGym during their break at work, or while they watch TV at home. Research at workplaces shows that over 70% of the work absences caused by back problems can be avoided with regular use of SpineGym.

“SpineGym is used by everyone and is fully customisable; The Finnish National Ballet company and Finnish Olympic team use it for warms ups, office workers use it to correct their back problems, seniors use it,” Timo says. “Anyone who thinks a strong back is important will always benefit.”