We are Handsome Healthcare Ltd, a leading specialist in back wellness products and the trading company of London Spine Investments Ltd.


LSI Ltd acquired the Spine Gym brand after becoming aware of the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and like many backers, we thought the product was wonderful, but were disappointed to see that the campaign established by Timo Heino and his company Spine Gym Oy could not fulfil the Kickstarter and Indiegogo project.

We have many years’ experience in product development and since acquiring the brand, we have taken big steps to convert some of the existing (limited amounts) of raw materials into finished product which we are able to sell. In parallel to this we have refined and simplified the base design, along with setting up a robust production process with reliable future supply.

We are also fortunate that our team is backed by leading Spinal Neurosurgeon, Mr John Sutcliffe at the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, UK who has over 20 years of Private surgery. Mr Sutcliffe along with many of us, has been a big supporter of Spine Gym and was also keen to help and bring the product successfully to market.


The story of SpineGym has its beginnings in the backaches that plagued sport masseuse and boxer Fredrik Serlachius. He grew tired of the awkward and ineffective exercises that didn’t bring him any long-term results. Fredrik began to experiment with different techniques in an effort to find an effective exercise he could do in a natural, standing position. In the end, Fredrik asked his wife to place two fishing rods on either side of his body and attach them to his waist and ankles with duct tape. Using this Rudimentary Prototype, Fredrik carried out a set of test exercises and eureka! It worked.

Fredik studying one of the early prototypes. Fortunately, the fishing rods were lost somewhere along the way!
SpineGym is a patented product and training innovation.


The development and testing of SpineGym devices were continued in Collaboration with the experts and researchers of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Finnish industrial designer Timo Heino was also invited to join the design team. He brought more than two decades of experience in the design of sports and medical equipment to the SpineGym project.


As soon as SpineGym was brought to the market, it sparked widespread interest among physiotherapists across northern Europe. Soon, health professionals and researchers started to say the device should be made available on the consumer market for people to use independently, without supervision. They could see the potential offered by the device: SpineGym training helps people stay in shape with regular and easy exercise.

“Straightaway, I was impressed by how simple and effective SpineGym was. I’ve suffered from disc problems and a weak lower back since I was young. I took a SpineGym exerciser Prototype home with me and started training for a couple of minutes in the evening. After a couple of weeks I was working at a trade fair when I realized I could be on my feet all day without back pain! Until that point, I’d had to find somewhere to sit down to give my aching back a break after a couple of hours.

Spine Gym product designer
Our vision is that in the future more and more people will integrate SpineGym exercises into their daily routines!


Today, SpineGym is used widely around the world to strengthen the core and to improve physical ability and well-being. This easy-to-use and effective training device from Finland has aroused interest among health and well-being professionals and ordinary consumers. Finland and elsewhere in Europe have already made SpineGym their training partner for better physical health.


Crowfunding makes Innovations happen! SpineGym is the most succesful Finnish product ever to use international crowfunding services.


Established in 2009, Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. Via Kickstarter, creative projects and start-ups can collect funds required for their operations. SpineGym is the most successful Finnish Kickstarter project to date.


Established in 2008, Indiegogo is among the world’s first crowdfunding websites. This international platform assists new product innovations to get off the ground with the help of crowdfunding.

We all believe in Spine Gym and its benefit of improving posture and core muscle activation. We believe it will benefit many people and our focus is to make the product as widely available as possible.

For any enquiries, please contact us at info@spinegym.fi