New SPINE GYM 2020

New SPINE GYM 2020

Now with adjustable width, suitable for users of all sizes. New sleek design and extremely durable structure.

A tried-and-tested device, recommended by over 500 physiotherapy’s

SpineGym is a favourite and recommended device by physiotherapists and physicians across the world. Since its launch, it has gained tremendous popularity in home and office use.
Since 2019 SpineGym is in association and partnered with London Spine Clinic, the leading Spinal Clinic in the UK.

The simple Scandinavian design also sits in a sophisticated interior thanks to its sleek appearance.

Simply use the SpineGym for 5minutes a day, 3 days a week and you will reap the rewards of improved posture, enhanced strength and healthy well-being.

Unlike any other exercise device!

Unlike other commonly used midsection exercise equipment, SpineGym allows exercises to be carried out in a natural position, standing up, and with small movements. SpineGym is also suitable for people with back problems, whose symptoms are aggravated by more extensive movements and uncomfortable positions.

The new SpineGym 2020 has three different pole attachment points on each side of the stand, which allows the width of the poles to be adjusted to suit all sizes and users. The low-profile base makes the device stable and easy to use.

SpineGym has been designed to be used within Physios/workplaces and of course in the comfort of your own home. There is enough strength and torque in the composite bars for consistent use.

Technical data and dimensions

The product comes with a carrying bag and an illustrated manual in English and Finnish.
We provide a full, three-year warranty for the product.

SpineGym comes equipped with additional shoulder paddings for shorter users. Extra paddings can be easily mounted under the standard shoulder paddings.

Weight (including the bag)
2.6 kg / 5,73 lb

Height (when assembled)
161 cm / 5 ft 3,38 in

Base size
55 cm x 42 cm x 5 cm / 21,65 x 16,53 x 1,9 in


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