The SpineGym Core Exerciser offers a brand-new way of strengthening your core – which is important for good balance and stability – quickly, easily, and safely.

You training partner for a stronger midsection

The SpineGym is a new Finnish health innovation, designed for exercising and strengthening deep abdominal and back muscles. With regular exercise you can look after your back and core muscles, improve your posture, and stave off backache.

It’s easy. Four minutes is all it takes.

With the SpineGym Core Exerciser, strengthening your midsection and improving your posture is quick, easy, and safe. Just step onto the exerciser and start training. The required movement is small but extremely effective. Just 4 or 5 minutes of exercise 3 or 4 times a week is enough. The deep core muscles in your midsection will become activated and gain strength. The workout targets those exact areas you need for better mobility, body control and posture: The back, abdomen, and glutes.

Exercise that hits the spot

SpineGym training helps you to work out those deep core muscles that are hard to target. As a result of regular SpineGym training your posture will improve, your backaches will ease or stop altogether, your physical ability will improve, and your day-to-day tasks will become easier. Good results keep you motivated and spur you on to make SpineGym training part of your daily routine.


The SpineGym can be used by anyone, regardless of age and fitness levels. From young and working-age people to seniors. People leading sedentary lifestyles, fitness enthusiasts, and competitive athletes.

SpineGym is suitable for everyone.

With the SpineGym exercises anyone, anywhere in the world can now take steps toward a healthy back. These effective exercises can be performed at home or work, or even in a hotel room when on the road.

Helping young people stand tall

SpineGym training offers better motor control and mobility, and greater strength for developing muscles. A perfect tool for gaining that six-pack and a fit body. An energy boost for bodies feeling the weight of long cramming sessions and exam periods. For rehabilitation after a sports injury.

Staving off back problems in middle age

Prevents back problems and staves off aches that are common among people involved in sedentary work. An efficient workout at work. For strengthening the core, keeping the body fit, and maintaining ability to work.

Staying fit in old age

For older people and seniors to help strengthen their stabilizer muscles and maintain their physical ability. For better posture and improved mobility. For improving balance and coordination and reducing the risk of falls. For rehabilitation following an operation

Additional exercise for competitive and professional athletes

An effective additional exercise for strengthening the midsection. Training that benefits amateur athletes as well as competitive and professional sportspeople, such as horseback riders, golfers, and cyclists.

A tool for health and well-being professionals

A tool that offers support to physiotherapy, treatment, and fitness regimes. More than 90% of the physiotherapists who have tested SpineGym training have added it to their list of tools. Applications include rehabilitation of muscles after illness, injury, or an operation.

Relieving discomfort during and after pregnancy

Two-thirds of women experience back pain as their pregnancy progresses because the growing fetus puts pressure on the muscles. An effective remedy for pregnancy-related aches is regular exercise at a pace that feels comfortable to boost the mother’s mood and strengthen the muscles that support her back. Exercises that put pressure on the uterus, such as crunches, are of course not recommended. SpineGym exercises can be performed standing up, which offers a safe way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, the transverse abdominis, the obliques, and the deep back muscles.


New products and forms of exercise always also give rise to questions. Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions.